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Multi-functional Bathroom Unit
Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser
Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser
Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser
Automatic Toothpaste Dispenser
Multi-functional Bathroom Unit

Multi-functional Bathroom Unit

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The Multi-functional Bathroom Unit is designed to maximize hygiene and declutter your bathroom keeping all your essentials in one convenient unit.

Store your most frequently used bathroom products and utensils in this simple, elegance piece and keep your bathroom bench/sink clear.  

The multiple features include -

  • Inverted magnetic mouthwash cups: the hygienic design allows the cups to quickly drain off water keeping them dry and clean and helping to prevent bacterial build up. Reinforced magnet ensures the cups are securely attached to the holder, never falling and easy to pick up.
  • Automatic toothpaste dispenser: this built in feature automatically assigns the perfect amount of toothpaste every time preventing any wastage and messy sinks.
  • Anti-dust toothbrush holders: dust cover design prevents the toothbrushes from dust and dirt. Keep your bathroom sink clutter free and store all of your brushes and toothpaste in this cute unit. 
  • Storage draws and counter top shelf:  plenty of room for your bathroom essentials, comb, scissors, floss, creams, tissues and razors. 





Installation: easy wall mount installation. The Multi-functional Bathroom Unit is attached with specifically designed strong wall mount stickers that don't leave any traces on the wall upon removal. 


Key features:


Available in 3 varieties:



2 cup: 23 cm X 13.2 cm X 10 cm

3 cup: 30 cm X 13.2 cm X 10 cm

4 cup: 37 cm X 13.2 cm X 10 cm




Weight: 2 cup: 0.65 kg / 3 cup:  0.8 kg / 4 cup: 1.01 kg

Suitable to hold up to 6 kgs.       


Material: PP, PS plastic.

The Toothbrush holder is made of non- toxic, odourless  ABS materials.


* Due to high demand please allow 2 - 3 weeks for shipping.

30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee.. we offer a 30 days money back warranty. If you are not absolutely happy with your purchase for any reason, contact us for a full refund or replacement set.